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UAM CorpusTool: Documentation

The manual is distributed with the application. Just select "Show Manual" from the "Help" menu in the menubar. Additionally, the Help button on the main window will show some additional help information on some topics.

Version 2.8:
Version 3.1:
  • UAM CorpusTool Manual v3.0 (PDF): Download from here (updated slightly May 2012)
  • Release Notes Version 3.1: To see what has changed in recent versions, see Release Notes

该手册翻译成中文的刘小汉 (The manual translated into Chinese by Liu Xiaohan)

手順日本語で (Instructions for using UAM CorpusTool in Japanese by Motoki Sano):

  1. ダウンロードとインストール (Downloading and installing)
  2. プロジェクトの設定 (Starting a project)
  3. テキストを注釈 (Annotating a text)
  4. 分析データの検索と基礎統計処理 (Search and Statistics)