Importing Systemic Coder Studies

The analysis files in Systemic Coder can be imported into CorpusTool. To do so, follow the following instructions:

If you have a single file to import:

  1. Ensure that the coding scheme is saved as an external file (master scheme). To do this, open the file in Coder, and select "Scheme Storing" from the Options menu. Select "Save to Master" and specify a location to save the scheme.
  2. Ensure the codings are saved as .cd3 not .cd2: if the file on disk has a .cd2 extension, you need to open the file and select "Save Codings As" from the File menu. The program will offer to save it as a .cd3 file.
  3. Now, make a new folder and place within it the scheme file and the codings file.
  4. Open CorpusTool and create a new project.
  5. Select "Import Layer" from the Project Menu.
  6. You will be asked to specify the folder created in (3) above.
  7. The .cd3 file will be split into the raw text (to be put into your Corpus folder) and the analyses (placed in the Analyses folder). The next window asks in which subcorpus folder to place your text file.
  8. The analysis scheme is imported as a new layer. The next window asks for the name of the layer.
  9. In Coder, the only way not to code a bit of text was to ignore it. In CorpusTool, one selects only the bits of text one wants to code. You may thus want the ignored segments in your Coder study to disappear. The next window allows you to do this.
  10. Press Finalise, and you have a new Layer added, and your cd3 file is imported.

If you have a set of files, all annotated with the same scheme:

  1. Place all the Coder files in a folder.
  2. Make sure ALL the files are in .cd3 format, not .cd2.
  3. Follow step (1) for a single file, for at least ONE of the files (e.g., make sure there is a .scheme file in the folder)
  4. Proceed from step (4) for the single file case above.

If you have one or more files, where the same text(s) have been coded with different networks (in a sense you have done multi-layered annotation using Coder):

  1. For each set of files annotated with the same scheme, create a folder and place the coder files and the scheme file for that analysis. (ensure the files are in .cd3 format).
  2. Ensure all files which are analyses of the same file have the same file name, e.g., if you have Text1-CLAUSE.cd3 analysed for clauses, and Text1-GROUP.cd3 analysed for groups, rename both files to Text1.cd3. (CorpusTool can only tell two files are analyses of the same text by having the same filename).
  3. Open a new project and use the Import Layer option as described above for one of the folders.
  4. Repeat (3) for the other folders.

Some problems that may arise: