Styled Text View

It is sometimes useful to view the coding of a text visually. CorpusTool allows you to view one of the text files of your project, specifying that particular segments (on whichever layer) should be showed in bold, italic, underline, larger font or colored.

Opening the Text Styler
From the Project window (the main window), click on the filename of one of your files. Note, this only works for files incorporated in your project. Also, your project needs to have at least one layer defined.

Styling the Text
You can assign colour and/or font effects (bold, italic, underline) to all text tagged with a given feature, or feature combination. This allows the patterns of selection throughout the text to be visible. E.g., use bold/italic/underline for appraisal categories, and colour coding for clause type to see how appraisal is distributed in respect to clause types. See the manual entry on Corpus Search for details how to use the segment selection widgets.

Saving Styled Text
You can save styled text to an HTML file. To include styled text in an MS Word document, open the HTML file in MS Word, and from there cut/pasted into your own document.