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UAM CorpusTool version 6

Version 3.3 was the stable release of UAMCT for a decade, but development has been continuing with unofficial releases. Version 6 represents the current state of UAMCT, with better visualisation, better integration with NLP software (parsing and tagging in 70 languages).

Some features of 3.3 are still missing, but they will appear as time permits.

Projects from version 3.3 are fully compatible with version 6, although if you use automatically parsed/tagged layers, it may be better to delete those layers and add them in again with the new software.

  • POS and Syntactic tagging provided for around 70 languages.
  • Syntactic tagging for French, German, Arabic and Chinese (via Stanford Parser)
  • Availablility of both downloadable software, or an online web interface.
Version 6.2j (February, 2023)

Problems Installing on Macintosh: Apple has tightened security in recent years, so your system may complain that the application is not secure. If you get this problem:

  1. Find where you installed the UAMCorpusTool6 application (usually in the Applications folder.
  2. Right-click on the application (on some machines, click with the Control button pressed).
  3. A menu should appear, with the first option "Open". Select this.
  4. There may be a warning that the application is insecure, but there should be a "Open anyway" option. Choose this.
  5. After the first time, the application should open just by double-clicking on the application in the normal way.

Problems Installing on Windows: Microsoft has also tightened security in recent years, so your system may complain that the application is not secure. If you get this problem, typically at launch you should get a warning, but there should be a "open anyway" option. Take that option. If you have virus software installed, you may need to open the control panel for the virus program, and make an exception for UAM Corpustool. Note: There is NO virus in UAM Corpustool. But recently some virus protection programs take the policy of "I don't know this program, so I will just tell the user it is dangerous".

UAM CorpusTool version 3.3

Version 3 of UAMCT offers substantial improvements over version 2.8, particularly in terms of automatic syntactic annotation (mainly for English and French) and part-of-speech tagging (using TreeTagger or Stanford tagger, 20 languages handled).

Version 3.3 is the stable release:

  • POS tagging provided for around 20 languages.
  • Syntactic tagging for French, German, Arabic and Chinese (via Stanford Parser)
  • New Search interface using CQL (Corpus Query Language)

If you have any issues with the release, please email me (micko@wagsoft.com).

This is release of 3.3x (August, 2021), identical to 3.3v2, except updated the installer to (hopefully) get by Windows Install security.

New Mac update: There hasn't been an update on the Mac version since version 3.3k due to problems I had in making installers on Macs. Now fixed, so there is a 3.3p version for Macs as well. This also fixes problems launching UAMCT under Mojave. Also some problem where the main window was minimised after opening a project.

Documentation is almost totally lacking, although look at the Release Notes for description of new features, and also the tutorial for getting started here.

Version 3.3x (August, 2021)

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Alternative Mac version here (experimental) Click here.

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Do you need something else

  • Windows Users:
    • Microsoft Vcredist: From version 2.7 on, you may need to install the following software from Microsoft here. This is only needed if, after installing, the application fails to launch.
    • Java Run Time: if you want to use the automatic parser (English only), you will need Java installed on your machine. This can be obtained from: here. Note: most machines will have this already installed.
    • Windows user of lab machines: if you have trouble installing UAM CorpusTool due to install restrictions, try this version, unzips on your desktop or pen drive.
  • MacOSX Users:
    • Due to Apple's overly strong security policies, it has become difficult for anyone to distribute applications on Macintosh without paying Apple $100 per year.
      After installing CorpusTool on a Mac running Mountain Lion or beyond, the first time you try to run UAM CorpusTool, you may be told the software cannot be installed because it is from an unidentified developer.
      To get around this problem, you can do the following:
      1. Find UAM CorpusTool in the finder.
      2. Right Click on the application (control-click if you have an older mac).
      3. Select "Open".
      4. A window shoud appear appear saying "UAM CorpusTool is from an unidentified developer. Do you want to open it?" Click on "Open".
      5. After this, other attempts to open UAMCT should open it in the normal manner.

Release Notes for current version

Download Sample projects

Download the following projects to see what can be done. make sure the archive is unzipped before you try to load them.

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