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Publications by the Author related to UAM CorpusTool

  • O'Donnell, M. 2008. "Demonstration of the UAM CorpusTool for text and image annotation". Proceedings of the ACL-08:HLT Demo Session (CompanionVolume), Columbus, Ohio, June 2008. Association for Computational Linguistics. pages 13–16. [pdf]
  • O'Donnell, M. 2008. "The UAM CorpusTool: Software for corpus annotation and exploration". In Bretones Callejas, Carmen M. et al. (eds) Applied Linguistics Now: Understanding Language and Mind / La Lingüística Aplicada Hoy: Comprendiendo el Lenguaje y la Mente. Almería: Universidad de Almería. Pp. 1433-1447. [pdf]
  • Mick O'Donnell, Susana Murcia, Rebeca García, Clara Molina, Paul Rollinson, Penny MacDonald, Keith Stuart, Maria Boquera. 2009. Exploring the proficiency of English learners: The TREACLE project. Proceedings of the Fifth Corpus Linguistics, Liverpool. [pdf]